Development and Enhancement Education Programs for Every Student

Development and Enhancement Education Programs for Every Student

From preschool reading levels to adult test preparation, We Tutor You has programs designed for each learning level

We Tutor You recognizes that no two students learn the same way. For this reason, we've developed a number of programs available to all students, ages 3 to college and into adulthood, that focus on maximizing the development and enhancement efforts of each individual student.

Our programs are designed either for developmental education, to allow students to reach the level they want to be at before enhancing or advancing; or to facilitate enhancement education, allowing students to exceed their current level of education.

We Tutor You provides educational programs to allow each student to reach their fullest academic potential at the level and pace that is right for them. We'll work closely with individuals and groups and take the learning process step by step to achieve academic excellence.

Some of our programs include:
-Boys Development Programs
-Girls Development Programs
-School Support
-Adult High Stakes Test Preparation
-Young Readers Program
-ACT/SAT Test Preparation
-Juvenile Detention Center Programs

Boys & Girls Development Programs

Activities for the program include:
-Tutoring weekly year-round
-Once monthly math and Hot Dog Saturdays
-During week long breaks from school, we provide one to two days of academic advancement
-During summer break, we provide a one month academic development program

School Support Program

-Work with students and teachers throughout the year in multiple settings
-In the past, our efforts and individual attention to students reduced failure rates by 75%

Head Start Early Reading Program

-For students entering kindergarten
-Enhancement program for these students to reach first grade reading level (based on prior accomplishments)


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